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Use A MIDI-Mapped Ableton Filter To Mix Tracks When using Ableton Live for DJing or as a live performance tool, an effective transition between two elements of a song or set is to use a Ableton filter sweep as a crossfader. In today’s tutorial, guest contributor Gary shares his technique for how to map a simple MIDI control (in this case a mod wheel) for such a transition. Ableton Filter As Crossfader It’s super simple to set up, with just a single EQ8 device on each track. The first has a MIDI-mapped hi-pass filter (to the mod wheel in this example but you could use a fader or dial if preferred) and the second has a low-pass filter, mapped to the same control. So as you move the mod wheel, the first track begins to blend smoothly into the next. Get a handle on this concept and execute it yourself by following along in the video below: Steps for Success: Add an EQ8 device on both tracks Enable one HP filter on one track Enable one LP filter on the other (bonus tip: make this a 4x filter curve to minimize low frequency spill) MIDI-map the mod-wheel (or any control) to both frequency dials, allowing you to have an EQ-based crossfader just from an Ableton filter! Want to do more with Ableton in a live performance/DJ approach? Check out Mad Zach’s tip on scratching in Ableton. The post Use A MIDI-Mapped Ableton Filter To Mix Tracks appeared first on DJ TechTools.

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