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Pioneer DJM-S9 Review: A New Hybrid Battle Mixer Pioneer is set to start rolling out their brand new, two-channel DJM-S9 battle mixer to stores in the next few weeks. We decided to send our review unit over to two DJTT friends who know Pioneer DJ gear very well – DJs Cotts and Ravine – and have them take it for a spin and share their thoughts. Watch the full review inside and enter a contest to win a DJM-S9 for yourself! DJM-S9 Review Reviewed: DJM-S9 battle mixerManufacturer: Pioneer DJPrice: Preorders for $1697 hereAvailability: ~end of November Review Highlights Don’t have time to watch the full review? Some of the biggest highlights on this DJM-S9 include: FX switches similar to the RMX-1000 release FX switch – allows quick addition of effects in a fun way. All onboard FX are post fader – designed for quick turntablist FX additions, a bit different from Color FX. RGB performance pads have four modes – similar to on Pioneer DDJ Serato controllers – Hot Cue, Roll, Slicer, and Sampler. Wide array of crossfader adjustments on the front of the unit Instant mic echo control on the front panel Much improved turntable grounding posts (they’re all metal, way easier to use than any others on Pioneer gear) Dual soundcards allow two DJs to do back-to-back sets or just easy DJ swapouts Magvel Fader Pro – magnetic contactless crossfader like on Rane battle mixers (way better for cutting than on other DJM units). Also super-smooth upfaders! Have any questions about the new DJM-S9 mixer? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll answer them. Watch More: Cotts and Ravine share their insider CDJ tricks in this tutorial. The post Pioneer DJM-S9 Review: A New Hybrid Battle Mixer appeared first on DJ TechTools.

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