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Finding DJ Music: Digging For Halloween Remixes, Top 40, and Beyond Every time a holiday like Halloween rolls around, DJ forums are flooded with posts asking for holiday-specific music for themed gigs. There’s a lot of value in sharing gems among DJs, but too often these posts imply or state they have no music that fits the theme and have no idea where to look. Instead of looking for handouts from others, this guide aims to arm DJs with the tools to contribute their own finds to the discussion. When you book gigs that require special music (from holidays to general themes like “90s night”), you should have a basic idea of what music you’ll need and how to find it. In this guide we’ll cover search terms / ways of thinking for finding theme-specific music, and then go over general digging techniques for finding songs that sound like music you already have. Finding DJ Music for Halloween, Christmas, Anything Like any time you want to find something on the internet, start by opening Bing. No, wait, that’s not right; start by opening, and come up with search terms relevant to the event you’re playing. Using Halloween as an example some thing you might search for include: Classic Halloween Music Top 10 Halloween Songs Famous Halloween Songs Beyond returning links such as’s Top 10 Halloween Songs Google’s intelligent results will also show you something like this: These are great suggestions for you to take directly to your favorite online music store and buy outright or for you to refine by adding operators such as +Remix or +Mix to searches. A quick Google of “Monster Mash+Remix” returns a huge number of results including many from Soundcloud and Beatport. You could perform the same search directly on either site. For example: Beatport has a large selection of covers and remixes of Monster Mash. This very basic way of searching for music suggestions through Google applies to any theme you can imagine and should be step one when trying to locate must have songs. Once you have your top tracks covered through Google results, Billboard charts, and other results from your searches it’s time to look in more advanced locations. Special occasion compilations: Sites like Beatport, Google Play Music, iTunes, and a number of record pools release compilations around major holidays along with keeping back catalogs from previous years. A quick search on Google Play Music for “Halloween+Various Artists” brings up hundreds of affordable compilations that can pad out a collection very quickly. Beatport charts: Searching Beatport Pro for Halloween and opening the Charts section will show you top 10 lists curated by other Beatport users from which you can purchase tracks directly. Mixes from other DJs: Checking Mixcloud, SoundCloud, or YouTube for “Halloween+DJ Mix” you will find thousands. What you want to do is find a mix in your style that has a track list from which you can identify songs. Searching for “Halloween Techno Mix” I found a DJ mix with a tracklist that lead me to Boris Brejcha – Don’t Fall Asleep and Tony Kairom – Minimal Horror (Droplex Remix) for example. Finding Top 40 Music for Mixed Crowds The second most common music request on DJ forums is for “Top 40” music – because a DJ that normally plays Deep House has been asked to DJ a frat party (just one example). “Top 40 is a music industry shorthand for the currently most-popular songs in a particular genre. When used without qualification it refers to the best-selling or most frequently broadcast popular music. The term is derived from record music charts, a few of which traditionally consist of a total of 40 songs.” – Wikipedia We can also use Top 40 as a generic term meaning “mainstream.” One of the most popular chart providers is, whose Hot 100 chart is pretty much the gold standard for North America. There’s a list of current top tracks on their site, and an archive which goes back decades; above is the Hot 100 for August of 1990. You will also find Top 40 music in the “most downloaded,” “top hits,” “most popular,” and similar sections on music sites or record pools. Top 40 and Top 40 remixes are also the bread and butter of record pools so if you’re a Top 40 DJ or aspire to be one, a record pool membership is a must. Pro Tips: As with the theme music section, adding “+Remix” or “+Mix” onto the end of searches for songs can help to find Top 40 remixes. Example, “The Weeknd – The Kills+Remix” A “radio edit” is similar to a “clean mix”, but may not bleep out as much. If you need a specific genre but still need mainstream music search for the genre +chart such as “Techno+chart” or refer to’s list of genre specific charts. Actual Digging – Beatport Pro Digging is a term that goes back to the vinyl days (digging through crates on crates of records in actual stores to find the absolute must have tracks). These days the truth is that digging often means digging thro…

A guide to finding DJ music, particularly themed and specific genres, in the age where crate digging has become digital.

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