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Akai MPC Touch is an MPC with a multi-touch screen MPC lovers, you finally get a piece of hardware with everything in one place: touch, color displays, pads, buttons for workflow access. There’s just one catch: you will still need the computer. Ever looked at those beautiful color waveforms on Native Instruments’ Traktor and Maschine controller and wished you could touch the screen? Imagined pinching to zoom waveforms and navigate samples, the way you can on an iPad? Well, Akai are the first to do groove-making hardware that combines physical pads and a touchscreen in one unit – no iPads (or Microsoft Surfaces) in sight. Today’s MPC Touch also does something else Maschine and Ableton Push don’t do – this slim-line hardware has an audio interface built in. That means you don’t need an extra piece of kit just to hook up to a PA (don’t mention the MacBook headphone jack) or to sample sound (oh yeah, that “sampling” idea of sampling workstations). This story is updating live – we’re adding additional details. Don’t refresh too hard. Akai has a live microsite with more, but it’s struggling a bit with Web traffic. (Come on, people – scaling!) http://bit.ly/1MeseAm The post Akai MPC Touch is an MPC with a multi-touch screen appeared first on Create Digital Music.

Color screen - with multi-touch gestures, check. Audio interface, check. MPC pads and shortcuts, check. The catch: you still need a computer.

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