Tame The Beast: Take Control Of Your Digital Music Collection


http://bit.ly/1CfIImF Vinyl WaveDigital music collections are a gift and a curse. They allow DJs to carry and manage massive amounts of music that would be physically impossible with vinyl. Very rarely will a modern DJ have the thought “darn I left that track at home.” The curse is that this massive collection can quickly get out of hand. If it doesn't take up physical space and if it's a free download, what's the harm? With free Soundcloud downloads and $1 purchases from iTunes, DJs can easily acquire tons of music that isn’t really worthy of being part of their collection. The core of any great DJ is their collection and if their collection is a mess or filled with subpar tracks, it can make it harder to find the next perfect track to play. Today Ryan Dejaegher will share 5 tools to take control of your digital music collection.

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