For Only Three Days, A MeeBlip anode Synth is $99.95



It’s been an amazing year since we first started shipping anode, our second-generation MeeBlip synthesizer with an analog filter. It’s gotten a new “hidden” mode with wavetables (now on all shipping anodes), plus kind reviews from Sound on Sound , Keyboard (with a Key Buy award), Electronic Musician , Resident Advisor , Future Music , and Sound & Recording (DE) .

But the most important thing about anode – the whole reason for doing this – is to get this ready-to-play open source music hardware into the hands of musicians.

So, we’re kicking off our second year of anode with a new site, a new site and store, and a new video. And to launch the site, we’re making anode $99.95 through Saturday in a flash sale. After that, it’s back to our usual (though still, we think, pretty low) pricing.

And this is essential. MeeBlip anode is the result of years of collaboration between myself and engineer James Grahame (with additional work by our intern Arvid Jense and graphic designer Anette Hansen). But the reason CDM has gotten into hardware is I wanted to more than just share an idea or tell a story: I wanted to make something, and then give that to people who make music.

The reward is getting to hear those people make new sounds. Just this past week, for instance, that included this massive track by Rob Schroeder (18dbFS). Bass by MeeBlip anode, EDM served up German style.

There are many ways of building businesses; lots of things you can make in the world. But to me, nothing is more satisfying than making music and musical instruments. It sounds like this track.

You can get anode now at:

The direct sale pricing expires at the end of Saturday. MeeBlip anode is shipping worldwide and also available at great local dealers in Europe, North America, and Australia. If you’re looking for information on the old MeeBlip site, it’s under construction this week as we update the support site. An easy way to keep up with MeeBlip is via our Facebook page (choose “get notifications” under “Like” and you won’t miss anything).

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